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👋🏼 Nice to e-meet you!

I'm Ritika, a Product Designer.

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I graduated with a master's degree in UX Design from University of Toronto and have worked as a Product Designer in corporates, startups, agencies and as a freelancer. I am currently working at Amazon, and have been in the field of design since the past 8 years. I design not just digital experiences, but physical products and services as well. 

• I utilize skills and strategies I’ve developed across multiple disciplines including UX, UI,  visual, service, and industrial design.

• My interests span from the tiniest of illustrations to the expanse of shared immersive experience. I believe the future belongs to those who build it. I love working with people who have optimistic visions, big hearts, and humble states of mind.

• I strive to envision compelling user experiences through interactions that are shaped by  human insight and crafted to empower and engage people.

These are a few things other than UX that make me feel alive



Public Speaking



I also LOVE illustrating and painting. Here's my recent artwork:

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