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While I worked on 3 client projects and 1 internal project, I would be focusing on only one project for this case study.

Client: OpenUnit

Timeline: 4 months

Team: 2 Designers, Product Manager, Development Team.


To help OpenUnit create a world-class product through research, validation and design enhancements,

Sneak Peak into our output


Key Activities

  • Crafted interview guides for both customers and stakeholders

  • Conducted 5 customer interviews

  • Conducted 5 stakeholder interviews

  • Customer Interview Guide

  • Research Findings Deck

  • Stakeholder Research Findings

  • Secondary Research Synthesis

Key Deliverables


Key Activities

  • App Comparables

  • Audit of existing app and deep dive into 5 flows

  • Wireframes & Hi-fi designs

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Component Library

  • 1 Illustration

  • 1 animation

  • 77 hi-fi new screens

Key Deliverables


Key Activities

  • Experience mapping workshop

  • Flow prioritization workshop

  • Multiple strategy working sessions

  • Experience Map & Product Roadmap

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Lean Canvas

  • Strategic Choice Cascade

  • Future recommendations

  • Investor memo draft

Key Deliverables

Diving into user personas

At OpenUnit, users can...


Based off of research and specific prioritization criteria, we focused our design efforts in helping facility managers to

The existing design looked like this

Its's too crowded..I don't really know where to look because of the amount of information thrown at me...

I get stressed just looking at my dashboard even if my facility is doing well

I have difficulties finding specific items be honest I used cmd+f to look for what I wanted for the longest time because I didn't know they had a search option.

We created a whole Component Library

Sneak peak into our Component Repository

We let Research guide our Designs.

And here's what OpenUnit had to say:

Despite a Design lead having to leave midway into the project, we delivered 1440% more than what was asked for.

Could not have pulled that off without a supportive team.

Here's a tiny sneak peak of what my colleagues at Deloitte had to say about my work:

Thanks for scrolling :)

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