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A new, effective way of managing time.

My Role

UX Research • Visual Design • Usability Testing • Prototype


4 months


Innovation Hub, University of Toronto


University students  - especially with online learning -  find it difficult to manage their commitments on time and are not able to manage a work-life balance. How might we help these students achieve their academic, work and social goals with the least amount of time spent on planning?


Our team designed Schedulr, a mobile app to provide students keep a track of their upcoming and ongoing tasks relating to their work, academic or social life to achieve a healthier work life balance. The application also provides curated work session plans to create quality work in the least amount of time.



Artboard – 80@2x.png


 -Primary,  Secondary and Market Research-  

In order to understand the needs of our users, we conducted secondary research, using the Internet as our tool to dig into all the studies carried out by other research firms and the reports that have been written so far.

Cohort analysis-rafiki (1).png
Interview-rafiki (1).png
Interview-rafiki (1).png

To investigate the issue further, we conducted primary research through 8 user semi-structured interviews over the video calling platform Zoom. Students were recruited through social media from different parts of the world. We also had 70 students respond to an online survey.

Using takeaways from user research, we then performed competitive analysis with 4 leading scheduling apps, which highlighted a gap of a tool that could help students save time in scheduling their priorities and making them aware of their work-life balance. 



 -Identifying emerging themes in findings- 

Affinity Map.png

 -Problem areas- 


Lack of resources

1 in every 3 students are dissatisfied with the current resources available to manage their commitments


Work-life imbalance

1 in every 4 students are unable to devote time to their non-academic commitments 

Students feel burdened as well as overwhelmed with tasks and commitments being all over the place.



 -With these findings, we created our Persona, Stacy- 

Persona – 9@2x.png

- Let's take a look at her as-is scenario and see how we can help-



So, how might we design an experience that allows students to quickly and effectively manage their commitments in time?

 -Prioritization Grid- 


We made quick digital sketches of our ideas and voted on them, based on impact and feasibility. After this, we plotted the ideas which had the most votes on to a Prioritization Grid. We focused mainly on ideas that fell under Home Runs as these ideas had the highest impact as well as feasibility.

Prototype + Test


 - Lo-fi Prototype - 

Based on user needs, we then began creating a low fidelity prototype and tested it out with participants.

Web 1920 – 6@2x.png

 - Formative Testing and Evaluation - 

With this, we conducted formative evaluation, gathered insights and iterated

26 – 5@2x.png
Ideation & Initial sketching – 74@2x.png
26 – 6@2x.png
Ideation & Initial sketching – 75@2x.png

 - Mid-fi Prototype - 

We then iterated to create a mid-fi prototype and further conducted a summative evaluation.

Add Goal@2x.png

 - Summative Testing and Evaluation - 

With this, we conducted summative evaluation, gathered insights and iterated

Our process – 52@2x.png

Set Goals

for themselves for each month, to remain on top of all their commitments.

Artboard – 72.png
Artboard – 70@2x.png


curated work session plans to create quality work in the least amount of time.


of how much time she spends on all areas of her lives such as social, work and academics, to achieve a healthier work life balance.

DArtboard – 71@2x.png

 -Emotional journey with Schedulr -

Most importantly, Stacy's emotional journey now looks like this

To be emotional journey – 2@2x.png

 -Reflection & Takeaways -

Artboard – 73@2x.png
FArtboard – 4@2x.png

Be aware of and track

their upcoming and ongoing tasks relating to their work, academic or social life to achieve a healthier work life balance.

Final Outcome

• The problem of time management is very common amongst a majority of university students 

• Usability testing is vital in providing valuable feedback which we would not have anticipated otherwise

• Narrowing down on an effective communication style is most important for a team located in different timezones

Final Outcome

.With all feedback gathered, Schedulr was born

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